BIE Unified Assessments Monitor Training

Keeping Bureau of Indian Education Assessment (BIEA) test materials secure helps to:-

  • Maintain the confidentiality and validity of:
  • state assessments
  • student test results.
  • Ensure that every student has been provided equal opportunity to independently demonstrate his/her knowledge.
  • Protect the state’s financial investment; test items are expensive to create and maintain.


Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) require test monitors to train annually on how to provide & maintain test security because situations that can jeopardize confidentiality of state assessments or validity of students' test occur suddenly & anywhere.

Click this link to view a list of School & State required BIEA test monitor training. And in addition:- 

  • Test monitors are expected to be familiar with current polices & procedures outlined in BIEA assessment manual.
  • Test monitors are expected to review applicable 'Test Monitor and Student Directions for BIEA' before the day of testing.
  • Test monitors need to know Bugonaygeshig’s testing schedule and assigned testing days.

Other important matters to know:

MDE conducts random auditing of school/district test security procedure from a sample of districts. Thus, test monitors need to be familiar with its contents.

MDE requires District  Assessment Coordinators (DAC) to conduct random, unannounced visits to testing rooms to observe Test Monitor and other staff's adherence to state and district policies and procedures.


Accessing Item Samplers in PearsonAccess Next

Reading, Mathematics & Science BIEA item samplers are available to students & teachers to prepare for the BIEA assessments. Item samplers may be accessed through the Item Samplers page on PearsonAccess Next or through the PearsonAccess Next Training Center.

The item samplers are made up of the same items and allow students to become familiar with item types, test format, and online functionality. And can be accessed in two ways.

  • Item samplers accessed through the Item Sampler page do not require student testing tickets to access the samplers.
  • Item samplers administered through the Training Center allow Test Monitors and students to become familiar with test administration. This includes setting up test sessions, printing student testing tickets, and having students sign in to a secure form.

Directions for accessing item samplers are available on PearsonAccess Next.
Pearson Perspective for educators has BIEA learning resources for helping students improve their academic performance. These learning resources are aligned to MN Academic standards.


For more information, contact District Assessment coordinator Tessa Wiegele [email protected]. 218-665-3000 ext. 2321; School Director Dan McKeon 218-665-3000 ext . 3001; or your child’s Homeroom teacher.