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Bureau of Indian Education Assessment (BIEA).

Accessing Item Samplers in PearsonAccess Next
Reading, Mathematics & Science BIEA item samplers are one type of student resource used to familiarize students & teachers with how the content is presented in the test.

BIEA item samplers allow students to become familiar with item types, test format, and online functionality. Item samplers can be accessed through the tab 'Preparing for Testing' drop down bar. Students can access the item samplers from home, they do not need passwords or user id.

Click this link accessing online item samplers for printable directions on how to access these items. 
Student Tutorial for BIEA.
Online student tutorial is a resource use to familiarize students & teachers with the functionality of online test, tools, & all test item types. It contains 3 components: navigation, tools, & item types. Click student tutorial and scroll down.


Minnesota Pearson Perspective.
Perspective for families: Talk with your teacher for recommendations on areas to focus on; or simply select a grade & subject from the link below to dive into a wealth of resources. Refer to the Family Quick Start Guide on how to use Pearson Perspective.

To log into Minnesota Pearson Perspective system, type this Pass Phrase (password) MN-edu
Or use the Learning Locator - A code that is printed on your child's Individual Student Report (ISR).

WriteToLearn helps students in Grades 8 & 10 with instruction, practice, & remediation for three vital literacy skills: writing, summarizing, and vocabulary building. WriteToLearn includes activities for Grade 7 & 9 students & can be used to provide enrichment.To get started with WriteToLearn, please visit training page and email [email protected] to receive your login credentials.


Measures of Academic Progress (MAP).

Bugonaygeshig administers Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) assessments yearly in Fall, Winter and Spring terms.  MAP assessments helps teachers determine their student's instructional level as well as measure academic growth throughout the school year.  
Students in grade 2-11 will spend a total of 2-3 hours completing Language, Reading, Science & Mathematics tests online.

MAP tests adapt to a student's level of learning.  As a result, each student has the same opportunity to succeed and maintain a positive attitude toward testing.  
MAP tests are shorter and thus use less class time but still provide detailed, accurate information about your child’s growth.

Following each testing period, a progress report showing students' growth is mailed home. Please consult your child's classroom teacher or Tesse Wiegele to explain its content. 

Video Tutorials home: Browse these videos to learn how to use testing platform. 

For more information, contact District Assessment coordinator Tessa Wiegele [email protected]. 218-665-3000 ext. 2321; School Director Dan McKeon 218-665-3000 ext . 3001; or your child’s Homeroom teacher.